Reading challenge 2017 week 2 

As part of my 2017 reading/reviewing challenge. I’d like to share my chosen book for the second week. A favourite book from my childhood. I’m trying to use lesser known books as it was tempting to go in for a Garth Nix or a Le Guin. I appreciate Blyton is extremely famous but I think The Children of Cherry Tree Farm has always stuck as my absolute favourite despite its lack of a fantasy element in novels such as The Folk of the  Faraway Tree and The Adventures of the Wishing Chair. 

The Children of Cherry Tree Farm is more in line with The Famous Five. It’s one of those ‘everything is perfect’ books. Four children; two boys, two girls of course. With perfectly Blyton-esque names like Rory, Sheila, Benji and Penny go off to stay with their uncle on Cherry Tree Farm. 

Of course adventures soon begin. The children are excited to meet the ‘wild man’ Tammylan who lives out in the wild. It’s a beautiful book full of picnics, beautiful countryside, fun and excitement! Homegrown and homemade meals abound as the children learn about baby animals and turn from city children to country children as Tammylan teaches them the ways of the wild. 

It’s a beautiful little novel which sets out to teach Blyton’s readers all about the importance of respecting nature and understanding the consequences of your actions and how they can affect the animals and other things which live in the wild. 


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