Follow You Home by Mark Edwards. Review 

Follow You Home was the first novel I’ve read by author Mark Edwards. I actually got it as a free gift from Amazon choosing it because of my love of the crime/thriller genre. Put it this way, it didn’t disappoint. 

Laura and Daniel are on the trip of a lifetime, a young couple planning to start a family they decide to head off on a European tour before putting down roots. After a few blissful weeks in Italy, France and Spain they head to Eastern Europe and travel by rail to Romania.

It’s on the train that things start to go wrong for them as they are robbed and kicked off the train in the middle of nowhere, left to hike through the middle of nowhere and the unimaginable terror that awaits. 

It’s every travellers worst nightmare. Lost in the middle of a strange country where people don’t speak your language, robbed with no money or travel documents and no idea how you’ll ever get home. Add darkness, a lonely house in the woods and some ominous noises and you’ve got yourself a night of terror. 

Trafficking, drugs, kidnap, ghosts, conspiracy, corruption, communism, romance and murder. This book has it all! Gripping and thrilling from start to finish the opening chapters leave you with no choice but to race through the rest of the novel and find out not only what happened at the end but at the beginning too. Finally, talk about a plot twist, it’s going to leave you reeling! 


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