The Fifth Letter by Nicola Moriarty – Review 

Joni,Eden, Deb and Trina have been friends since high school, despite being in their 30s now and married with children they manage to remain friends by attending an annual mini break holiday together to keep the friendship strong. 
This years holiday finds them reminiscing In a tumble down cottage, things are festering beneath the surface though and it all comes to a head when they decide to each write an anonymous letter revealing their deepest darkest secrets. 

The story is told in an unusual way from the point of view of Joni as she confesses to a priest and the whole story tumbles out. 
The Fifth Letter is an honest look at the way we handle friendships as we get older and people and their priorities change. It’s a chance to look at what could happen if you hold onto those childhood friendships into adulthood when everything is different. There is a dark undertone when Joni discovers the Fifth Letter and understands that one of her friends wants to hurt one of the others. 

Suspicion falls on each of them as they use their own secrets against one another and there’s more than one case of mistaken identity. 

Overall I really liked this book, it was definitely something different! I’ll be looking to read more from this author in future. 


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