Lust, Money and Murder by Mike Wells. Review 

I was kindly approached by the author of this book; Mike Wells to bring to my attention that this is a free ebook download. I offered Mike a review, so here it is! 
First off and most importantly, as many have said before me; you need to be aware that this is not a full book, so if you’re going to read it you need to be aware that if you enjoy it (which is likely) then you’re going to need to buy the next ones in the series. And there’s a few. 

The short story/extract is the first in the Lust, Money and Murder series by Mike Wells. It opens with a steamy scene between a young Italian girl and her older lover before moving on to the childhood of the main character Elaine Brogan. Brought up in Pittsburgh, USA Elaine has big ideas about her future career but when these dreams land her and her family in big trouble she grows up seeking only revenge. 

It’s a very fast paced novel exploring the American Secret Service which is something I’ve never really read much about. Most books in the crime/thriller genre tend to focus on the FBI or in rare cases the CIA or local law enforcement and bureaus so it was interesting to explore a different side to American law enforcement. 

As I say it’s fast paced, it moves from Elaine’s childhood to her career in a matter of pages but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. A good thriller tends to need to skip out the intense description of say a fantasy or romance book. 

If I had one criticism it would only be that the author has done what a lot of male authors writing a female lead do, Elaine is often the victim of sexual harassment be it from her martial instructor or her new boss and if she tries to stand up for herself is accused of ‘feminism’. Although I am of course aware that women, particularly women in these types of jobs are often victims of these sorts of things I just find it a little ‘overdone’. 

Other than that I found it to be a very interesting starter novel and would recommend it to fans of Lee Child, James Patterson and similar authors. 


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