Right Behind You by Lisa Gardner – Review 

I must admit that this wasn’t my favourite book by Lisa Gardner. I was excited to get back into a Quincy and Rainie thriller as it’s been many years since the last one. 
Right Behind You sees Quincy and Rainie retired from their jobs as FBI profiler and police detective have fostered a daughter whom they intend to adopt. 

Meanwhile a young boy goes on a killing spree and the local sheriff brings Quincy and Rainie in as consultants, only to discover that it’s all a little too close to home. 

I found the story to be a little slow paced. What I always judge a book by is my ability to put it down or not! Unfortunately this book didn’t captivate me enough to feel ‘unputdownable’. 

The storyline was clever don’t get me wrong and I only worked out ‘the twist’ quite close to the end. I just couldn’t seem to make a connection with any of the characters none of whom seemed engaging or interesting enough. 

I think I’ll be stick to DD Warren and Tessa Leoni from here on out. 


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