The One by John Marrs 

This is a very interesting book. The One is an intriguing story with an extraordinary concept. It’s admittedly one of those which makes you sit up and think ‘well why didn’t I think of that?’ But that’s just writers envy I think! 
At first I found it hard to concentrate on who everyone in the story is. It focuses on 5 different characters and each one has a chapter: 






So for the first maybe 10 chapters I was concentrating on who was who rather than what was happening. Later on in the novel I still found it hard to work out which women were which until a couple of sentences in. 

The concept of the novel is as I say very intriguing. Match your DNA is a new dating site which is designed to connect you to your ACTUAL SOULMATE based on how your DNA matches theirs. This has caused numerous marriages, an end to homophobia, religious hatred and sexism. Divorce rates have gone down and so has the birth rate and STIs but not everyone’s happy as for every one match 3 relationships break up as couples discover they were never meant to be together. 

There are several themes to this novel. One is very Nicholas Sparks tragic romance, there is also blackmail, crime, adultery, science, computers, science fiction. It’s got it all. 
I can’t say too much about each character or the storyline without giving spoilers which I don’t want to do but I must say that it was impossible to put this book down, it occupied my thoughts whenever I wasn’t reading it and let me add that anything you think you know about the character’s individual storyline.. well think again. 

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