While you were Sleeping by Kathryn Croft. Review 

Wowwee! What an amazing crime thriller While you Were Sleeping is. 
This is the first book I’ve ready by Kathryn Croft but I’m sure it won’t be the last. While you Were Sleeping is fast paced throughout and keeps you guessing right until the end with a massive unbelievable twist. 

The story begins with Tara. Wife of Noah and mother to Rosie and Spencer. Tara is an artist and while her husband is in New York for the weekend and her kids staying out with friends and family she’s taking some much needed time to get some painting done. All that changes though when she wakes up naked in her neighbours bed to find him stabbed to death beside her. Tara has no recollection of the night before. 

In the middle of all this we see Tara and Noah’s marital problems and the issues with their daughter Rosie who has previously been arrested and cautioned for stalking. Tara’s sister Lisa is also having problems as she tries to come to terms with settling down In a relationship after years of travelling around the world and being a free spirit. Meanwhile as suspicion falls on Tara and her family they find the neighbours turning against them. 

This novel has a very engaging storyline. It’s easy to empathise with Tara whose world has been turned upside down and as the plot develops we as readers start to see how things might have gone wrong. The author is very clever in that she weaves her web so that nobody is safe from suspicion. Lee Jacobs the murdered man goes from an innocent guy brutally murdered for no apparent reason, to a person whom everyone had the motive to kill. In the midst of all these lies and deceit nobody can be trusted. It is truly gripping. 

Slight spoilers. *

If I had any criticism it is that sometimes the story was a little unbelievable or didn’t make sense. Things like saying the doors were double locked and then Tara’s stalker is in the kitchen. No explanation for how he got in. Or in the beginning When Tara says she has confirmed with Bernadette (Libby’s mum) that she is taking Libby and Rosie to the West End but then later this changes to Bernadette texting to say Rosie was ill and never stayed with them at all. 

However in the grand scheme of things these small contradictions weren’t enough to spoil the story. Without them it would have been an easy 5* rating. However, 4* represents just how shocking and gripping this novel was. 


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