In Calabria by Peter S Beagle. Review 

The Last Unicorn has long been one of the most precious things. When I was little it was my favourite film which I watched over and over again. When I found out it was a book I of course had to read it and it fast became one of my favourite books. I grew up believing nobody else knew about it, like it was my secret thing and then I discovered there was this whole fan base who loved it too and that only served to make it even more special. 
So of course when I found out there was a new unicorn book by Peter S Beagle I just HAD to read it. This one is slightly different though. Set in modern day Italy on a ramshackle old farm owned by a grumpy ‘old’ man it does not at first appear to have any of the magic of The Last Unicorn. Stay with it though. Very similar in style to Summerlong it takes a while for the magic to build up. Finally we have a unicorn on the premises and with it, magical things begin to happen. 

What I’ve always loved about Peter S Beagle’s unicorn novels is the sacred, ethereal characteristics of the unicorns. The amazing power they have behind them makes them also dark but pure at the same time. Like the magic of Tolkien it’s unexpected, it’s imperfect but it’s wonderful. 


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