The Two O’Clock Boy by Mark Hill. Review 

I’ve had to take a little break between reading this book and writing my review. 

Let me firstly say that this is one of the best novels in this genre which I have read this year. 

The story centers around Ray Drake, a policeman from a rich family. Ray is investigating the murder of a family who live close by to the police station and the story shifts from present day to the past and Ray’s association with an orphanage near his childhood home. 

The story shifts and tilts at an alarmingly (but nevertheless brilliant) pace. I give you fair warning that if you pick this book up you need to be prepared to see it out to the end. Seriously, get a pot of coffee, your comfiest armchair and order a takeaway because this book is going to take precedence over everything else! 

Chillingly good the story brings the reader down many different pathways all of them seemingly leading to unexpected places. Then just when you think you’ve worked it out something completely new is thrown in your face to add to the shock factor. Despite this the suspense and build up are in no way overdone and I found the story line and particularly the ending incredibly interesting and thought provoking. 

I’ll definitely be looking out for more by this author! 


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