Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough. Review

I am reeling. The roof has blown off the top of my head. I am in shock. My mind is full of turmoil. This book has destroyed me and everything I’ve ever thought was right with the world. But in a good way because it was absolutely fantastic. 
Creepy, weird, fast paced, psychologically gripping and with a paranormal twist to the theme the best way I could describe this book is by saying you should imagine the brain child of Gillian Flynn and Stephen King and that’s what this book is. 

Louise has had it rough since her husband left her for another woman. With a 6 year old son to look after she doesn’t get out much but on a rare night out she meets David a dashing stranger and they share a kiss. It’s only the next day that’s things turn awkward when she meets her new boss… David. To make matters worse David’s husband Adele is lonely and desperate for a friend and Louise is drawn to her and wants to help her. Here begins a crazy love triangle. 

Sarah Pinborough is an amazing story weaver. She doesn’t ‘tell’ the story, she doesn’t ‘write’ the story. She weaves it. It took me only three hours to read this because I couldn’t put it down. Just as I thought I knew what was happening something came up which made me throw doubt on what I thought I knew until finally I realised I knew nothing at all and had no choice but to let the story carry me where it wanted me to go. As for the ending. Obviously I’m not going to include spoilers but i can honestly say that having read 199 books just this year I haven’t come across one other book which carried off a twist like that without me working first. If I didn’t have deadlines I don’t think I could read anything else for a while after that. It’s certainly going to stay with me for a long time to come. 


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