Very Important Corpses, by Simon R Green. Review 

Thank you to Netgalley for my ARC 
This is one of those books that I shouldn’t have liked. Why? You ask. Because it’s completely ridiculous. But surprisingly, it works. 
Ishmael Jones is an alien. I’ll get that out there straight away. This is actually the 3rd book in a series about him but the first one I’ve read. I’m definitely intrigued to read some more of them now! Ishmael and his partner/girlfriend Penny work for ‘The Organisation’ a mysterious, well… organisation who sent Ishmael on jobs to rid the world of monsters and murderers and thinks that go bump in the night. In Very Important Corpses; Ishmael and Penny go off to Loch Ness to investigate the death of a fellow agent right in the middle of the meeting of a secret society. 

It wasn’t even that this book was particularly well written in terms of being some kind of literary genius. It was more that it was funny, witty, engaging, page turning and just about everything you could want from a book where the main character is a sort of alien detective. There’s a hint of mystery and thriller but tied in with the sci-fi genre making it extra interesting.

A delightfully easy read and I get the feeling the Ishmael Jones series is about to become my guilty pleasure! 


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