The Case of the Green Dressed Ghost. Lucy Banks. Review 

Thank you to Netgalley, the author and publisher for my ARC. 
The Case of the Green Dressed Ghost appealed to me as a read now on Netgalley purely because of the blurb and the colour. I’m not really one for ghost stories but as this one seemed to have a little mystery to it I decided to give it a try. 

This is Lucy Banks’ first published novel and I must say I enjoyed the story/plot immensely. 

Kester is devastated when his mum dies but intrigued by the mysterious message in her dying words. Kester’s mum tells him he must find Dr Ribaro and tell him who he is. After some serious googling Kester is non the wiser, so armed with the address he found in his mothers address book he heads to Exeter where he is pulled into the world of Dr Ribaro’s supernatural agency. This novel documents the adventures of Kester and the rest of the staff at the agency. 

The character of Kester is not your typical hero. 22 years old he is a mummy’s boy and an academic having recently graduated from Cambridge. He has a paunch, psoriasis covered hands and pale flabby skin and he dresses like a middle aged professor. However Banks is skilled in that she writes him as being both amusing and capable completely without meaning to be. 

The other characters are also very interesting and I’m intrigued to see if future novels in this series will focus on some of their back stories a little more. The storyline was engaging and interesting and I loved the idea behind it. It reminded me a lot of ghostbusters as it’s quite tongue in cheek but in some parts was actually quite scary! 

There’s only one criticism I could really throw at this. I think the book could have done with more strict editing. In parts it was overloaded with cliches and way too many similes and other ‘writers techniques’. It could have had a lot of this ‘filler’ and fluff removed and replaced with some more interesting insight into the characters. Other than that I really enjoyed it and would look forward to reading more from this author. 


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