An Abundance of Katherines by John Green. Review 

I’ve read a few of John Green’s books now. Obviously I read Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns and this is my third one. 
I must admit I didn’t enjoy this one quite as much. Too much use of languages and mathematics which meant I had to refer to the footnotes which could be quite distracting. Overall though I found the concept interesting. 

Colin is what is known as a child prodigy. That doesn’t mean he’s a genius just that as a child he learnt things and excelled at them much faster and easier than other children. Surprisingly this is something I can relate to at least in terms of reading although I’ve never really been good at anything else. In a way it satisfied me to learn that like me Colin being a prodigy doesn’t mean he was ever going to amount to anything special just because he had certain talents. 

Colin has a thing for girls called Katherine. Not any other variation like Kat, Kate or Katie or even Catherine it has to be Katherine. He has dated and been dumped by 19 of them and when he’s finally had his heart ripped out by Katherine the 19th his friend Hassan decides that they should go on a road trip to cheer him up. 

On the road trip they end up at a small town called Gutshot in Tennessee where they meet trainee paramedic Lindsey Lee Wells and embark on a journey of self discovery and anti-coolness. 

The banter between the three friends is enjoyable and the writing is terrific I feel that John Green, without stating the obvious really knows how to write in a way which appeals to teenagers. 

3* overall. 


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