The Secret, Katerina Diamond Review 

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for my ARC. 

This lady is fast becoming my favourite writer in the crime and thriller genre. I’ve only recently read The Teacher so I was keen to get my hands on The Secret and it did not disappoint. 

The Secret picks up where The Teacher left off. DS Imogen Grey and her colleague Adrian Miles are back in action after Imogen was shot in The Teacher. We already know from The Teacher that Imogen was stabbed in her previous role at Plymouth and was transferred to the Exeter police force shortly after. Shrouded in mystery all we knew is that she suspected her old partner Sam Brown of setting her up. 

The Secret thankfully provides the full back story on what happened with Imogen and the surprising links that has to Grey and Miles’ new case investigating the disappearance of a prositute who is more than what she seems. 

The novel is weaved together in such a way that there are links between everyone and everything. It’s not often a story can surprise me these days, not often that someone I thought was one thing turns out to be something else. This novel however succeeded in doing just that. 

Creepy as hell it juxtaposes between past and present and the ending gives the satisfaction that there will be another book to come in this series. Frankly I can’t wait! 


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