The Other Einstein by Marie Benedict Review

What a truly interesting novel. I was intrigued to read The Other Einstein when I saw it was a ‘woman behind the man’ sort of book. Although I have no great knowledge of physics I have always perused the works of Einstein with interest and I found it intriguing that all may have not been as it seems.

I appreciate and I have to forewarn the prospective reader to appreciate that this novel is a work of fiction. It is based on some facts but not completely. The Other Einstein tells the story of Mileva Maric an exceptional physcist and mathmathician in her own right. The story is of her shared ambition with her father to achieve greatness as a professor of Physics. Mileva has been plagued with a limp since birth and things like marriage and children have never been an option for her. Until she meets the messy haired and brilliant fellow student Albert Einstein and begins to fall in love.

In The Other Einstein Benedict explores the world of physics in an understandable and easy manner and overall the novel is quite short and simple to read and understand. The premise comes across as shocking as the author skillfully explores the idea of stolen work, disease, children, illegitamacy, affairs and maritial problems. It looks to feminism, opression and the ever present threat of men achieving greatness purely because they usurped it from women.

I understand why some people haven’t liked or enjoyed The Other Einstein because there is no guarantee of truth to the premise but who is to say that it didn’t happen either? Who is to say that if it didn’t happen with Mr and Mrs Einstein that it didn’t happen with any other of the great men of the past? With no proof we cannot ever know if it is true or untrue and that is due to the past opression of women that didn’t allow us to be ourselves or achieve things without a man’s name on the paper.


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