The Power Naomi Alderman Review 

When I first heard about The Power my initial thoughts were FINALLY. Finally someone has written something about women becoming powerful. Women being treated like equals, having rights. An end to the oppression and gender inequality. It seemed like a cross between the Hunger Games and the suffragette movement.
For the first half The Power fulfilled what I had expected. All of a sudden all over the world women were taking back their lives. Child rapists were murdered, sex workers rebelled against their captors and escaped, Saudi Arabia was bedlam as women oppressed for centuries fought back against the men who had controlled them. In the second half however things changed. It happened slowly but I began to feel uncomfortable. These women weren’t using these powers for good. They were using to rape, maim, enslave and destroy. They had turned the world on its head and simply changed the roles. Women now treat men as they have been treating them. Hurrah I hear you shout but no. Its not like that. Feminism and empowerment is not about vengeance and destruction it is about equality for women and men alike. This book is a book about oppression of a sex the only difference being it is men who are oppressed and not women. It is not a nice feeling.

The novel has several different narrators. There is Roxy the crime boss’s daughter from London, Allie an orphan from Jackson, Tunde a Nigerian journalist and an female American mayor looking to rise in the political race. Its a definite skill of this author to be able to change the readers views halfway through the novel, discovering that the characters they originally empathised with they now abhor and vice-versa.

This novel offers an interesting perspective on what the world would be like should women become tyrannical. My only criticism would be that the novel could have been longer. It was relatively short for its genre and I felt that it left me with a feeling of dissatisfaction as it answered no questions nor provided any information about what might happen next.


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