The Teacher – Review 

I wasn’t sure what to expect from The Teacher. As debut novels go we all know they can leave something wanting but in this case I was not disappointed. 
The Teacher is set in the English Countryside and opens with the supposed suicide of a Headmaster at a private boys school. We soon find out though that all is not what it seems. As more gruesome murders start to pile up a pattern appears which is clear to the reader if not to the detectives on the case. 

Each chapter focuses on a different character and for some of the characters goes back into the past and looks at the back story of why certain things are now happening. I did start to suspect who the murderer was and they are revealed early on, but far from spoiling the story I felt this only emphasised and ramped up the tension. The twist was more who the murdered were rather than the murderers. I liked the romantic element of the story and felt that it was dealt with really well. 

There is a lot of suspense and tension and some interesting sections. The storyline is gruesome and ‘not for the faint hearted’ is a good way to advertise the contents. If you’re squeamish don’t go there! 

I enjoyed this novel immensely and headed straight over to Amazon to pre order Katerina Diamond’s second novel The Secret as soon as I’d finished The Teacher. 


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