The Twenty-Three Review 

I was MEGA excited to finally get my hands on this one. I’ve followed the Promise Falls Trilogy since the beginning, Linwood Barclay writes fantastic thrillers and I honestly haven’t had a clue who the killer/vandal/mystery person could be. I was thrilled therefore, to be finally getting to the end and finding out the culprit. 

Barclay writes with a skill which leads you down many false paths, many times a suspect came to light and I thought no that’s too obvious but at the back of my mind I was also thinking if the twist was in fact that it was obvious! I won’t give anything away but I’ll just say that it took me until very close to the end to work out who it was. 

The story worked really well weaving together the characters of Cal, David and Detective Duckworth as well as some of the minor characters like Joyce the security guard at Thackeray and Angus Carlson another police officer. These insights into the other things which are going on in the town really make the book alongside the main storyline of the fiend who is trying to terrorise the town. 

It’s always hard to review a thriller without giving too much away but I will say that I felt the ending was both surprising and interesting, it brought in suspects I didn’t even think about and took me on a rollercoaster journey of unsuriety and suspense. I can’t help but feel a little sad that the series is over and hope Mr Barclay will revisit these characters again in later novels. 


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