A Year and a Day Review 

A Year and a Day follows the story of 3 couples who are all visiting Prague. 
Megan and Ollie are just friends. There was a kiss once but Megan put Ollie in his place, she wants to focus on her career as a photographer and doesn’t need a man to complicate it. When Ollie invites her to Prague its a friends only zone until the magical city starts affecting Megan’s feelings. 
Hope and Charlie are a new couple on their first break together. Charlie has whisked them away to Prague as a surprise and it’s everything Hope dreamed of. If only her fallout with her daughter wasn’t hanging over her and spoiling everything and if only Charlie wasn’t hiding something and sneaking off to make suspicious phone calls. 
Sophie has travelled to Prague alone. She met Robin when they were teenagers travelling the world together and as they met in Prague they always return here every year. Sophie’s counting down the days until Robin can join her again this time. 

Now I have a mixed bag of feelings about this novel. Overall the author is one good creator of intrigue and mystery. Although the story was poorly written in places with far too many clichés, more metaphors and similes than should ever be allowed in an adult novel and an annoying habit of switching between time periods without letting the reader know, she still kept me reading purely because I could feel the secret there and just needed to know what it was! 

I hadn’t figured out either of the two major twists before they were revealed which was nice and was really the saving grace of the novel. 

3* for a great ending but I don’t think I would read a book by this author again.


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