Good Girl, Bad Girl Review 

Good Girl Bad Girl started off really well. An interesting introduction to the main character Kal Medi who we soon find out’s mother has gone missing. Kal intends to investigate on her own using the combination of her skill as a photo journalist and the other skills her father taught her before his death such as how to find out about a person based on small things like what they do with their hands. There was a lot of intrigue-building clues and an old fashioned family mystery thrown in for good measure, right up my street of course! 
I must confess that what started off as endearing quickly became a little tedious. Every person Kal sees or speaks too including just some strangers on a bus are hers to spend paragraph after paragraph examining and telling the reader about them. I found that this caused a bit too much distraction from the main point of the story and were a bit unnecessary. Further to that while written really well and in an easy and interesting style some parts became too descriptive, for example when going to meet an important suspect Kal describes the mahogany door in far too much detail ‘Hugely thick and Heavy the mahogany door spoke of extravagance and of a colonial era long past. It brought to mind images of a maharaja riding a top an elephant and ex patriate verandas cooled by Indian servants working leafy foot powered fans.’ 43 words is about 39 words too many to describe a door in my opinion.

Unfortunately this made me lose interest as it went on. I understand the author’s objective to create a character who excels at psychology and understands another’s behaviour but frankly Kal just started getting on my nerves. She was the epitome of the person who thinks they’re better than everyone else, always going on about how smart and beautiful she was. Every man is always trying to stare at her breasts or else there’s someone who’s behaving in a racist manner towards her. While I understand that these are issues which need to be addressed there’s such a thing as laying it on too thick. 

Overall I only managed to get 25% of the way through the book before I decided to stop reading. It feels a shame to leave this review because the author is clearly a good writer and had what seemed to be a good storyline coming along. Unfortunately after 25% I was no closer to anything actually happening other than Kal flattering herself and I had to give up! My arm might have been twisted into reading more if the book had given some answers at the end but having read other reviews on Goodreads and discovering it didn’t I decided to cut my losses and move on! 

Thank you to Ann Girdharry for my copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 


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