The Song of Orpheus Review

What a wonderful little book. I love Greek myths and infact I’ll be studying them this year at university. So when I saw The Song of Orpheus I thought well why not give it a try. It was an auto approve on Netgalley which surprised me considering what excellent content it had.

The Song of Orpheus isn’t a collection of any old Greek myths. It’s mostly aimed at children I think, but I found it amusing and sentimental enough to be enjoyed by adults as well. Told from the perspective of Orpheus (remember the guy who turned around when he was bringing his girlfriend out of the Underworld even though Hades told him not to)? The great thing about it is that it has a lot of myths that even I hadn’t heard! Some familiar characters with a new spin and also some stories which weren’t exactly myths at all but more about what the Greeks actually believed. Of the 17 stories in The Song of Orpheus I recognised probably 2 of them, my particular favourites were the story of Kefali for whom Kefalonia is named for and the story of Dionysus (there were two of these). It was really interesting to look at the different myths and how no two stories about the same person or God was quite the same. The Song of Orpheus also explored the tragedy of Greek Mythology in a respectful and interesting way which I found extremely engaging. It really sets it apart as an extremely easy and pleasant read.

This book is a little treat and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the Greek myths or in particular wants to teach their children about them in a really fun and enjoyable way! It is a simple enough read for children to enjoy by themselves as well. An easy 5* for the Song of Orpheus.


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