Good Me Bad Me Review

‘Move over Gillian Flynn’ as my regular readers know I absolutely hate that phrase so I use it here partly in irony that it seems to imply that thrillers can only be good if they excel better than Flynn, but I also use it because to my surprise it was my first thought upon completion of reading this book.
Good Me Bad Me is a weird and wonderful thriller of the best kind. By that I mean IT COMPLETELY FREAKS YOU OUT but at the same time allows you to empathise somewhat with the main character.

Good Me Bad Me ‘s main character Annie/Milly is in a foster home. A wonderful foster home with Yoga-going mum Saskia and psychologist and super dad Mike. The only glitch in the perfect home life is Phoebe the perfect cheerleader-esque daughter with her Flicky blonde hair and jealous tendencies. But Milly is not an ordinary girl, Phoebe is right to think that Milly is a freak, she just doesn’t know quite how much. See Milly is almost 16 and for her whole life she has lived with her mother the killer of children, one of the most hated women in the country.

This story is the story of a girl who has been conditioned. But she’s fighting it, she’s fighting the voice of her mother in her head and she’s desperate to prove that she is in fact nothing like her. Good Me Bad Me takes you through the labyrinth of Milly’s psyche, it touches on the usual childhood issues like bullying, parties, making friends and growing up but with a unique twist which constantly keeps you guessing. The character of Milly is well developed with a sharp edged personality, a person you both empathise with and find vile like an injured rodent. Phoebe meanwhile is the epitome of the uber bitch popular girl you can’t help but hate and despite the softer parts of her personality she never grew on me. The author turns everything you think you know on its head. Finally you think you’ve grasped it, you know what’s going to happen next but then BAM it’s nothing like it.

This book will be the thriller of 2017 without a shadow of a doubt. Forget Gone Girl, forget The Girl on the Train even for a moment forget Game of Thrones. Good Me Bad Me is one to watch out for.



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