Kate Morton The Lake House

The Lake House is a beautiful and intriguing novel by one of my favourites Kate Morton. I didn’t receive this book for review but decided to write a review of it anyway with it being a recent release.

The story spans across 2 time periods of 1933 and 2003 set in both urban London and beautiful Cornwall where the Edevane’s live in the house called Loeannath (The Lake House.)

What I loved most about this book was Kate Morton’s amazing skill of making a place come alive, the description of the lake house and Cornwall were beautiful and you could well imagine the place preparing for the Midsummer party. Another skill Kate Morton applies is that of weaving together both time periods and settings without making you lose the plot. She makes it seem effortless. The characters while not necessarily likeable as such are relatable and interesting and I found this book to be a real page turner!

One thing I will say is that intentionally or not this novel gave many tips for budding authors like myself as well not least because Kate is such a good writer herself but due to one of her characters being a budding author as well I found invaluable tips between the pages.

The Lake House is a story of love both unrequited and true. It has a mystery that will keep you guessing until the end which is what makes it such a fast read despite its size. It’s truly enjoyable with its beautiful descriptive passages and it’s tale across time. I’ve seen people complain that the ending is too tidy but I think that not only does it complete the story in a fascinating and unexpected way, it answers questions which you didn’t even realise you were asking!


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