What a Wuffly Day…

After a week of monsoon-like weather I had been worried that the RSPCA’s annual fun dog show event would be rained off or worse people wouldn’t come because of the downpour and thunderstorms. It was with some trepidation therefore that I opened my curtains this morning to check the weather. My worries had been for nothing however, despite it being overcast it was still warm and thankfully not too warm for the doggies who were going to be on parade.

Our Scottish Terrier Fergus was ready to go once we’d brushed his coat and sprayed him with his Pethead Doggie Deodrant and we set off on the two mile walk to Eastwood Park in Hasland. After a small detour (due to getting lost) we arrived at 1:30pm which gave us some time to look around before Fergus’ class of the day ‘Fabulous Fella.’

We picked our card up to show we had registered him for the day and then wandered off to have a look around the outdoor stalls, there were some really wonderful stalls offering everything from tombola’s to pet accessories like leads and collars and even a stand from Bounders Dog Photography where you could win your own doggie photoshoots (see http://www.bounders.co.uk for more info as they travel the length and breadth of the UK). Bounders were also a sponsor of one of the rings along with Dunston Lodge Dog Grooming and Boarding Kennels (www.dunstonlodge.com).

We’ve been after a new collar for Fergus for a while as his was getting old and tatty and our eye was caught by the lovely handmade collars at Simply Paracord Uk (www.simplyparacorduk.co.uk) and we picked up a snazzy handmade collar 14″ for just £13. Its not only bright enough to stand out on Fergus’ black coat but it is also made of wonderful durable material that I can already tell will last even our mucky pup a lifetime.


Once his collar was on and us humans had grabbed a spot of lunch from the burger van we were ready to hit the ‘Fabulous Fella’ class. It was a really big class with over 20 dogs in the running and it was lovely to see so many examples of the different breeds. Next to us was a Shiba Inu and there were shelties, golden retrievers, a beautiful grey Shar Pei and many more. Some lovely cross breeds attended as well including the darling Alfie a lurcher with soft fluffy hair who won second prize. Fergus didn’t win a prize in the show but he still gets first prize from us!

Once the class was over we had a wander around inside the hal where there were even more stalls. I picked up a cute pen pot with a scottie design on it for only 50p!! Along with a copy of Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay for just £1 from the bookstall. There were many more items on offer including a Thorntons tombola and jewellery stands.

The class had taken a long time to judge due to the sheer amount of dogs who had entered and we were concious of the 2 mile walk home so after a final wander around we headed back. It was a delightful day and wonderful to see so many people with or without dogs attending (we even spoke to someone who got their Scottie from the same breeder as us) particularly as all proceeds from the event go to the rebuild appeal for the animal shelter. Don’t forget you can also donate on the Just Giving page https://www.justgiving.com/chesterfieldanimalcentrerebuildappeal and https://www.chesterfield-rspca.co.uk/makeadonation/. In addition to this the website http://www.chesterfield-rspca.co.uk also has a selection of the animals up for adoption as well as a ‘wish list’ of items the animals need which you can purchase and donate.


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