Review: The Kept Woman

Ah where do I even start? The Kept Woman begins in an abandoned room. A woman is there holding her daughter for the first time. Not as a mother usually would though, the daughter is a woman herself now and there’s a knife sticking out of her chest. When the crime scene is found a couple of chapters later it’s our trusty friends from the GBI Will, Faith and the gritty yet loveable Amanda who are brought on to the case.

As ever I find crime/thriller books the hardest to review. Mostly because there are obvious cliffhangers, clues etc which I don’t want to give away. So I’ll do my best to give The Kept Woman the review it deserves without any spoilers!

The women both mother and daughter at the beginning are both anonymous and for me it felt at first like you’re typical kidnapping. She’s there with the daughter she’s not seen since she gave her away at the hospital, she’s been abused all her life. The reader pities her and roots for her as she tries to find a weapon to protect them both.

Since I first started reading Karin Slaughter novels about 9-10 years ago I loved both the Sara Linton and the Will Trent series. When the two finally merged and they got together I loved it even more. The Kept Woman is very much about the way both Sara and Will’s past begins to effect their present relationship with each other. Old favourites are brought back in like Amanda Wagner and The devil herself Angie Polaski. I loved that elements of Amanda’s back story was brought into this one as well after seriously enjoying Cop Town I wanted to know more about Amanda and her life before she became just Will’s boss and the strong, feisty, take no sh*t woman she is today.

This story had all the usual twists and turns Slaughter is renowned for. As usual what you think you know and what the GBI think they know is never really what’s going on. I loved that in the middle the reader learns exactly what happened but the police still don’t know. Even at the end the police don’t know everything about what happened and how they were used as pawns in an elaborate game played by some of the other both major and minor characters.

The story also gives a lot of answers about Will and Angie’s past. The reader can finally begin connecting some of the dots and realising why both of them turned out the way they did.

An excellent read for any crime fan but if this is the first Karin Slaughter novel you’re planning on reading I suggest you go back and start at the beginning, you’ll be hooked!!


4 thoughts on “Review: The Kept Woman

  1. Hi Leonie,

    first of all thank you for your great review for the kept woman. I can´t wait to hold this great book and read the story.

    I have a question: In what language did you read this book?

    Thanks in advance

    Kind regards


    1. Hi Ana,

      Thank you for your lovely comment. It is an exceptionally good book you’re in for a treat!

      In answer to your question, I read the book in English as an advanced copy from Netgalley 🙂 hope that helps!



      1. Oh OK because I ask my self how you got this book it isn´t available now. So unfortunately I have to wait for this good story till July:(.

        To Long!!!!



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