Invasion of the Tearling by Erika Johansen

Was I excited to return to the Tearling? Wasn’t I just! Following my first read of Queen of the Tearling last week I was just as desperate to return to the Tearling as I was to return to Westeros after A Game of Thrones, to Panem after reading The Hunger Games, to Hogwarts, to Middle Earth and to the Shadow World. I could go on…

The first thing you should know before you continue reading is that if you haven’t read Queen of the Tearling you probably shouldn’t go on. Although I’ll be ommitting spoilers from this book there will be some spoilers from the first one.

So onto the good stuff. Invasion of the Tearling is the follow up novel to Queen of the Tearling and will be the middle novel in the planned trilogy when the 3rd book The Fate of the Tearling is published this November (by the way I can’t wait!). We left the central character Kelsea Raleigh Glynn as she had ascended her throne with her trusty friend and protector Lazarus ‘The Mace’ safely by her side. Kelsea had promised to clean up the Tearling and bring back the old visions William Tear had when he first landed there.

Invasion of the Tearling picks up where it left off. Kelsea is preparing for the imminent war from Mortmesne after Kelsea stopped the shipment of slaves from her Kingdom to the Red Queen.

But the story isn’t just about the war and the quest to right the kingdom. The second novel features more information about both the crossing and the time before the crossing. It fills in the gaps the first novel didn’t fill and explains more about Kelsea’s ancestors and the backgrounds of some of the other influential characters such as the Mace.

God’s church features heavily in this novel as well and we, the readers get to find out more about what is hidden behind their doors, with the ascension of a new Holy Father, Father Tyler gets himself into trouble as his loyalties begin to move from the Church’s corruption towards the Queen.

Queen Kelsea herself is beginning to learn a little bit more about the powers of her sapphires and a little bit more about The elusive Fetch.

Fast paced, despite being over 500 words long it was a quick and easy read because it was just literally unputdownable. Kelsea takes a little trip down the dark side in this one but that only serves to make her a more intruging and interesting character. I literally can’t wait to get my teeth into the next one!


3 thoughts on “Invasion of the Tearling by Erika Johansen

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