Review: Baby Doll by Hollie Overton

This was my first encounter with this author. I was lucky enough to obtain an advance copy of this book from Netgalley on behalf of the publisher and the author. Baby Doll was yet another novel compared to the Queen of thriller that is Gillian Flynn…. Please guys stop with that! Baby Doll is an amazing thriller yes, but Flynn is one on her own and just like The Girl on the Train, comparing other authors to her is only going to cause disapointment.

Let me start by applauding Hollie Overton for creating a truly fascinating story. Baby Doll is not like other books of its like in the slightlest. Mainly because instead of focusing on the story of a girl’s kidnap and the subsequent search for her and her abductor, Baby Doll begins where these stories end; Lily has been held captive for 3110 days. Torn away from her family by the beguiling but psychotic risk she and her daughter Sky escape from their cabin prison when he accidentally leaves the door unlocked.

What follows is the story of Lily and Sky, Rick and his wife Missy and all their family and friends and how they deal with what follows Lily’s escape. What could have been a story which seemed to read more like true crime instead is an incredibly engaging novel which tells the reader not only the effects a henious crime can have on a victim, a family and friends but also the workings of the mind of a criminal and how he could get away with hiding in plain sight.

I’ll definitely be picking up another of Hollie’s books. Baby Doll was wonderfully written with an interesting and engaging writing style. It’s impossible to write a longer review without revealing spoilers so I’ll finish off with Highly Recommended!


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