Book Review – Girls on Fire by Robin Wasserman 

If you’re a fan of books like Elenor and Park or The Perks of Being a Wallflower then this is a book you’ll appreciate. Note I say appreciate and not enjoy. Books like this are not there to be enjoyed, in a way they are there to educate but mostly they’re there to be appreciated. To teach young ones a lesson, to make old ones remember and to fill those of us who fit somewhere in between with nostalgia. Nostalgia and regret. There’s something all of us can take from it, not just girls. Although it’s about girls I think there’s a lot in this book that can educate boys as well. Learn them about girls and make them understand.
I was a girl. A girl like Hannah ‘Dex’ Dexter when I was at school, unnoticeable, not exactly picked on but alone, nothing special about me; I had no friends and I was bookish which meant they weren’t interested. Like Dex I had my moment where I went off the rails. Didn’t go quite as far as Dex and Lacey though.
This book is not everything as some people have made out on their ‘non-review’ reviews on good reads but what it is, it is about everything. It’s about growing up, about bodies changing. About suicide and bullying and sex and sexuality about the confused and muddled feelings when you’re a teenager and you think everyone’s doing it except for you but then it turns out that by trying to be like them you’ve only succeeded in turning them all against you even more. It’s about friendship and ownership, it’s about boys and girls and mums and dads and drugs and booze and God and Satan. It’s about differences of opinions seeing things from everyone’s eyes and everyone’s perspective.
It has some of the most meaningful words and phrases I’ve ever read. It has left me with a mixed bag of feelings. It’s left me feeling that this book is important, that everyone should read it. That it should be made into a film with an unforgettable soundtrack. Probably Nirvana.


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