Book review – The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks 

‘i’m proud of you. I haven’t said those words to you as often as I should have. I say them now, not because you chose to stay with me through an incredibly difficult time, but because I wanted you to know that you’re the remarkable person I’ve always dreamed you could be.’
I was introduced to this author when I realised he’d penned the books behind some of my favourite films. Since then I’ve picked his books up whenever I’ve noticed them in my local library or charity shop. Some are better than others and this was one of the best. Like all of Nicholas Sparks’ books there was a lesson to be learned behind the story. It centers around Veronica ‘Ronnie’ a 17 year old girl with a bad attitude. Rebelling against her mother after her parent’s divorce it’s the final straw when she is arrested and charged with shoplifting. To get her away from the bad crowd she has fallen in with Ronnie’s mother ships her off to stay with her father in North Carolina. 
Ronnie hasn’t spoken to her father for 3 years. They used to be close; playing piano and composing music together but she hasn’t read never mind responded to his letters and has no urge to start building that relationship back up with him now especially as she blames him for the divorce. But then Ronnie meets Will and suddenly her life and her attitude begin to change. 
This story is well written and utterly deceiving, if you think you know what it’s about you’re wrong. The whole book seems like one thing and ends up being something else entirely. It is like many of Sparks’ books not just a romantic story but a story of the love between friends and the love between families as well. It is a story about becoming an adult not just in age but in responsibility and the realisation of what is important in life as well. A truly recommended read.


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