Book review – Book of Lies by Teri Terry 

I’ve been a fan of Teri Terry since I worked in a school library and her novel Slated was nominated for an award. After reading Slated I was really pleased to find a new Dystopian and fantasy writer writing something refreshing and original. I continued to read the rest of the Slated series and was not disappointed. 

I was excited then to be offered the opportunity to read Book of Lies for review. Once again it did not disappoint. 

Admittedly I guessed one of the ‘plot twists’ almost immediately but then this is a book aimed at teenagers and young adults and I can no longer claim those titles at 25! 

It was interesting throughout I liked the premise and the way the story was told from different perspectives. There were some plot holes and parts of the story that I felt could have been stronger but overall it made a good read. 

The story is based around the twins Quinn and Piper, separated at birth they are reunited at their mothers funeral. Piper has lived with her mother and father all her life while Quinn has suffered at the hands of their maternal grandmother a woman who has been hard on her and kept her away from civilisation even school. (That was one of the plot holes for me that Quinn had never been schooled and lived in a house with no mod cons yet survived surprisingly well in the normal world). 

After they’re reunited the twins set out to find out more about where they came from and the secrets their mother and grandmother have hidden from them all their lives. Cue witchy business and the tales of a wild hunt which haunts the woods on Dartmoor where their grandmother lives. 

It had an interesting concept with many different stories running off from the main one something that could have been hard to control but Teri managed it really well. A great read and highly recommended! 


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