Boycott the Bad Guys

If I asked you if you would condone this happening what would your answer be?

victoria's secret animal testing

I’m guessing the answer would be no. So let me ask you another question. Do you or have you ever shopped at Victoria’s Secret? Because the picture you see above is an animal which Victoria’s Secret tested their products on all in the name of beauty.

Shocked? Me too. Up until recently I am ashamed to admit that I had no idea which companies did and did not test on animals. I can’t stop looking at the picture above and feeling disgusted with myself for the cruelty I am endorsing with the products I have bought in my house.

A quick scan of my house brought dire results and left me devestated. One of the biggest ‘giants’ in manufacturing of cleaning products, cosmetics and toiletries Procter and Gamble is one of the worst culprits.

procter and gamble.png

In my house alone the following brands all test on animals despite some of them such as Avon Cosmetics shamefully declaring that they don’t.


Comfort fabric softener

Ariel wash liquid

Fairy washing up liquid

Wilko window cleaner


Marks and spencers hand wash

Cif all purpose cleaner

Easy wipes

Cif floor cleaner

Asda bleach

Oxi stain remover

Mr sheen polish

Bed head dog deodorant

Air wick air freshner

Bakers dog food




Dettol kitchen spray




John frieda shampoo

John frieda conditioner

Carex handwash

Asda bleach


Febreze air freshner

Glade spray

Glade plugin

Dettol bathroom spray

Bench shower gel

Fudge hair conditioner

Gillette venus razor

Gilette shaving foam

Head and shoulders shampoo

Clairol brunette conditioner

Wilko fruits set

Aveeno moisturiser

Johnsons dog shampoo

Bob martin dog shampoo

Avon cleanser

Lynx shower gel

Corsodyl toothpaste

Nivea shower gel

Always pads

Molton brown soap

Kingsley house skincare

Colgate mouthwash

Colgate toothpaste

Imperial leather shower gel




Right guard deodorant

Diesel perfume

Diesel aftershave

Flowerbomb perfume

Aussie leave in conditioner

Bed head split end mender

Johnsons baby oil

Johnsons cotton buds

Paco rabanne aftershave

Bench deodorant

Lynx deodorant

Nivea deodorant

Gilette deodorant

Victoria’s secret body spray

Avon hand cream

Sanex roll on deodorant

Radox deodorant

Avon foot cream

Mac lipstick

Urban decay eyeshadow

Bristows hair spray


Kk toiletries nail polish remover

Charles Worthington shine boost spray

Charles Worthington volume and bounce spray

Avon eye cream

Avon anti ageing cream

Health point chocolate body butter

Dolce and gabanna perfume

Hugo boss perfume

Calvin klein perfume

Flowerbomb body lotion

Cherish makeup wipes

Yankee candles



L’oreal foundation

L’oreal super liner

Maybelline kohl liner

No7 blush cream

No7 eyeshadow

No7 lip gloss

Avon face pearls

Avon shimmer pearls

Avon eyeshadow

L’oreal lipstick

Mac lipstick

Maybelline mascara

Avon contour palette

Avon lipstick

Maybelline blusher

L’oreal fat liner

B first clear topcoat

Barry M nail polish

Collection 7 day wear polish

Leighton denny polish

Nails inc nail polish

No7 nail polish

Avon freeze spray for nails

Although it may seem it this list is not exhaustive. More products fall under the umbrella of many big brands who test on animals and some are very sneaky about it. Urban Decay and Benefit both ‘proudly’ state that they do not test on animals and yet their mother companies do.

animal test.jpg

In 1998 Britain brought a ban on all product testing on animals and in 2013 the EU followed suit. This means that any product sold in the EU must be cruelty free. So why the issue? Why do we still need to boycott these companies if they aren’t testing the products we use on animals?

Mainly because these companies still supply to China where animal testing is required by law. This means that any company who sells their products in China condones animal testing on their product for the sake of money. Any company who genuinly cared about stopping this cruelty would REFUSE to sell to China until their laws are changed. Avon are a huge culprit of this, their websites, catalogues and advertising insist they are proud to be cruelty free for the past 25 years yet they test on animals for the products they supply in China.


The good news is that for the last year British scientists have been working with scientists in China to teach them alternative methods to animal testing. At the moment the law states that all European products sold in China must be retested on animals which is a waste of time, money and most importantly animal life. (, November 2015).


Is your beautiful make up, your nice smelling air freshner or your super soft moisturiser worth this picture above? Animals have feelings the same as us, they understand they are being hurt, but they do not understand why. They cannot give consent or accept what will happen they have no choice. At the end of their tortured existence they are killed.

The PETA website has a list of companies who do not test on animals as well as a more detailed list of animals that do. I recommend that everyone who reads this blog takes head and boycotts the companies on this list until they can provide evidence that they no longer test on animals. Choose an alternative do not pay for animal testing because by spending money on the products you are condoning this:





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