Book review – A Fever of The Blood by Oscar De Muriel 

  The first section of this book is written in third person and flips between 3 different events spanning several years apart as a sort of prologue. They serve well to introduce characters, prepare the plot and pique the readers interest. They leave the reader with several unanswered questions which draw you in.  Chapter 1 changes slightly with a switch to 1st person. We see things through the eyes of Frey a disgraced police inspector banished to Edinburgh to work for an isolated branch of CID which investigates cold cases thought to be the result of the occult. This is where it gets really interesting. As the story develops the puzzle pieces begin slotting into place and an understanding of the connection between the first 3 passages forms. The use of Scottish Idioms makes the story much more realistic as well. I also found myself googling for more information on certain points of interest created. There is a dry, sarcastic humour bordering on banter between the two inspectors which is at times fairly amusing and goes a long way to building the story and the characters. 

Overall I found this book very engaging. I hadn’t had the pleasure of reading books by this author before but now I have found out this is the second in a series I’ve added the first to my list. What’s great about this book is the intrigue and build up it has which really makes it quite unputdownable I even read it while ironing! What makes it even better is that the result and conclusion were genuinely worth waiting for not like some books where there’s lots of build up and then the ending is rubbish, this one In contrast is well worth the wait and answers all the unanswered questions it builds up to. Highly recommended! 


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