Two Poems

Here are two poems I wrote for a recent university assignment. I’d be greatful for opinions as always 🙂


Spaghetti like worms feels too cliché,

But it’s hard to find the words to say,

How it feels when it slips around in your mouth,

Jumping about like a freshly caught trout,

Tomatoes are red but we all know that,

They’re a fruit not a veg, round not flat,

Cucumbers, peppers but not beetroot,

Peas and beans they are all fruit,


There’s nothing as fine as chocolate cake,

But I try and fail to learn to bake,

Cupcakes and cookies for my sweet tooth,

The sweets I guzzled in my youth,


I’m fussy when it comes to meat,

There’s rules before I agree to eat,

I won’t have beef, lamb or pork,

For chicken though I’ll lift my fork,


Finally for my one true love,

The food that’s sent from God above,

Toppings, cheese and tomato base,

I ordered two… (Just in case).

A Painted View from A Window

Swollen white puffs of sugared ice slide across my vision like glaciers,

No ground in sight, covered too deep with frosted flakes of lapis lazuli,

Smudges on the landscape, hardly identifiable as people at all. A red coat, a grey shoe,

Skeletal hands of palest brown flecked with charred black fingers reaching to snag and tear.


An eclectic mix of grey, silver, blue and green. Dove, ash, and dusky slate,

Fences rise, reaching for the sky hard as iron, steely strong,

Dusky pink and soft lavender touch the sky like an artist’s paintbrush flecked with oil,

Granite towers of crumbling stone, striped awnings covering dingy windows stocked with wares.


Lemon yellow tinges dip around the edge of Alice’s looking glass trickling with silvery blood,

Trees tinged with peach but prickly sharp no taint of fuzz,

Blended blurs of brush strokes shimmering in perfect symmetry like a mirrors reflection,

Deep indigo streaks run through soft clouds of cotton boll, smooth and flawless.


Slivers of snow drift from the sky like the feathers of angel wings dipped in silver sequins,

The glitter’s sparkle fades, its lustrous colours dimming in deep tints,

Frost like dazzling crystals dangle from trees like Christmas decorations flecked with tinsel,

My window becomes the cased dome of a snow globe, me watching the picture inside.


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