What it is to be British 

Like many other people I am proud of certain parts of myself that make up my nationality. My boyfriend thinks I’m silly for keeping up my quirky ‘British’ manners which I just see as a normal part of being polite! I recently came across a few different sites which really put it down for me on what are considered the problems of British manners. Not to say that non-British people can’t relate to these either but I’ve compiled a list of my favourites and hope they make you laugh as much as they did me! 


  • Being too polite to correct someone who gets your name wrong and having to forever be referred to by your new name. 
  • Apologising when someone bumps into you. 
  • Punishing someone by saying ‘you’re welcome’ very quietly when they don’t say thank you. 
  • Laughing politely because you haven’t understood what somebody said to you three times in a row.  
  • Running out of ways to say thank you when a succession of doors are held open for you and you’ve already used up ‘cheers’ ‘ta’ ‘nice one’ 
  • Refusing a drink even though you really want one because you don’t want to inconvenience your host. 
  • Telling the hairdresser you love your new haircut then having a break down when you leave because you went for a trim and came out with a bob. 
  • Saying ‘that’s hilarious’ when somebodies joke wasn’t even funny. 
  • Doing a polite mini run and wave at a zebra crossing. 
  • Saying ‘anywhere here is fine’ when the cab driver is right outside your door. 
  • Apologising for not having the right change. 
  • Apologising for having the right change 
  • Hanging around to prove you really did give the right change. 
  • Saying ‘sorry to bother you/take up your time’ when calling someone whose job it is to help you. 
  • Apologising to the dog/cat for accidentally hurting it. 
  • Complaining that the food or drink isn’t nice but not sending it back so as not to offend the staff in a restaraunt.
  • Refusing to accept compliments and countering them with an immediate reference to your worst feature. 

Those are a few of my favourites along with a few I’ve added myself. If you enjoyed them you can find more on Reddit and Twitter @soverybritish 


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