Book Review – Far From True by Linwood Barclay 

Aaaaah the frustration! The need! what is with that number 23?!! 
I feel that Far From True has brought me a little closer to the truth. There’s some more breadcrumbs been dropped for me. I thought I’d worked it out but then I wasn’t so sure again, wasn’t sure if maybe my idea of who he is and what his motivation is are just ideas planted there by the author. 
But that’s the beauty of Linwood Barclay’s novels. Since I first picked up No Time For Goodbye 8 years ago I’ve been hooked. Hooked on his incredible talent at writing mystery that is creepy without being scary (perfect in my eyes). His stories are impossible to unravel they keep you guessing to the very end and Far From True the second instalment in the Promise Falls series is no different. 
Picking up where Broken Promise left off. Literally days after the events of Broken Promise the book begins when a drive thru cinema screen collapses leaving victims in its wake Detective Duckworth has to pick up the trail of the mystery ’23’ man. Old favourite David Harwood features alongside the sexy Laundromat worker Sam and an interesting side story develops there bringing its own crime to Promise Falls. 
It’s impossible to say more without giving away any spoilers so instead I’ll talk about what makes Linwood Barclay such a great writer. As with all his books his unique style is present in Far From True. He has an ability which I greatly admire to add the little normalcies into a storyline. A wife nagging her husband while he’s thinking detective thoughts. His thoughts being interrupted by his query about a grapefruit for breakfast. For me it is these small parts that make a great writer, that make the writing natural and sink you straight into the middle of the story so you can picture what’s going on. I can’t wait for November to read the next one!  


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