Alls Well That Ends Well… 

I don’t think we appreciate our own health quite enough. By this I don’t mean that we appreciate that we don’t have life threatening illnesses or loved ones with life threatening illnesses. Nobody appreciates health more than those people. 

What I mean is more in terms of day to day health. Coughs and colds and sniffles and tummy bugs. I don’t think until you actually get past the point of no return and you’re laid up in bed with the flu, that you actually realise quite how nice being healthy is. 

I’m currently entering my second week of a seriously run down immune system and I just can’t seem to shift it. First there was the hacking cough  

A week in bed with a fever and aching limbs  

Then over the weekend a severe cold which resulted in a very dry and sore nose  

Then finally today as my body starts to feel better my top lip breaks out with the worlds biggest cold sore!  

Having the cold and constantly blowing my nose made me appreciate just how lovely being able to breathe through my nose actually is. The cough has forced me into finally doing what I should have done years ago and quit smoking!  

And once this cold sore has gone I think I’ll be able to appreciate just how nice a normal pair of lips actually are! 


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