Book Review – Find Her by Lisa Gardner 


I am a big fan of the D.D Warren series as well as Lisa’s other novels the Quincy & Rainie, and Tessa Leoni series’ and her stand alone novels. So I was excited to get my teeth into this and it did not disappoint! 

Find Her is a difficult book to review without revealing spoilers. It follows Flora Dane an exceptional woman who was kidnapped as a teenager and kept prisoner for over a year. The story juxtaposes between present day where Flora has become a sort of vigilante looking for trouble in order to save other girls from becoming victims like herself. 

What was great about this book was the twists and turns along the way. Every person you suspected you were wrong. By the time I was close to he end I was shouting at my kindle determined that I knew exactly who the psycho kidnapper was yet I couldn’t have been more wrong! 

Not only was the main story line fast paced and intriguing but the underlying diary style entry by Flora describing her ordeal during her own kidnapping. In the main body of the story Flora never reveals the whole of what went on when she was kidnapped so the back story becomes just as intriguing as it slowly unlocks the key to the not only the secrets Flora’s been keeping but the big reveal in the main story as well. 
Another fantastic novel by Lisa Gardner the crime author who NEVER disappoints! 


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