Book Review – A Miracle At Macy’s by Lynn Marie Hulsman 

After a couple of really hard reads, A Miracle at Macy’s was just what I needed. The author has a light and amusing way of writing. The Indian Taxi driver cum Comedian Vijay was one of my favourite characters really funny! 

The story is a romance with a twist. What I liked was how you sort of thought it was going to be somebody else that Charlotte fell in love with to begin with but then found yourself surprised when it was the polar opposite! 

I loved the character development of Charlotte and how she grew as a person not only finding love but finding herself as well. Hudson’s escapades shed light on a dire situation that any dog owner or lover can identify with. There wasn’t a character in the book who I didn’t like in their own way. I fully agree with Charlotte that Hudson had a master plan to bring her out of herself. 

I would definitely read other books by this author. A light, fluffy, funny read with enough humour to stop the premise being sad. A true Rom Com with a few great twists well done! 


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