The True Meaning of Christmas 

 It feels like it’s been months since I last posted on here. What with starting my new job, catching up on uni work and the busyness associated with Christmas I just haven’t had chance. So it only seems right that I begin now with a festive post to start off with. 

Christmas for me has always been both magical and disappointing. What even is the real meaning of Christmas anymore? For some people religion is at the forefront of their mind. The birth of Jesus Christ, a celebration for those who believe that our saviour; the son of God was born on this day.  

 For most people it’s about being with the people you love, be that family, friends or anyone else you might spend the Christmas period with. The exchanging of gifts and cards and a big dinner, alcohol and plenty of chocolate and sweets.  

 So why do I find it both magical AND disappointing? 

Both feelings run from the same thing really. I expect too much of it. I’m one of those people who puts my tree up on the 1st December, downloads Christmas music to my Spotify playlist and buys presents in August. I want to get up early on Christmas morning and run downstairs shouting ‘he’s been’, I like a good traditional dinner with all the trimmings and I even like sprouts! I like to give and receive cards before Christmas  Day and I like to spend the afternoon in a food coma watching sh*t tv and playing board games. 

Christmas disappoints me more as the years go by because these expectations rightly or wrongly aren’t met. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t work on Christmas Eve. Since moving out of my family home 3 years ago I always sleep over at my mums Christmas Eve which means I’m in a strange bed (this year a single bed with my partner which was understandably uncomfortable). Nobody wants to get up early, dinner is cooked later in the day and afternoon conversations are forced and stilted. 

That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy Christmas or that I’m becoming a perpetual moaner but this year in particular just seemed really stressful. As me and my partner live in the next county to our families and neither of us drive we had to rely on a lift after work, the dog had to go to my dads while we went to my mums and there was so much family to visit on both sides it just became exhausting. Not to say that my mum didn’t do an amazing spread or that we didn’t enjoy seeing everyone and spending time with them. But there was nothing relaxing about it! 

In the end we decided to have New Year just the two of us at home. We had my family round for a buffet tea and that worked much better. What prompted this post though was my mum saying she wasn’t buying cards this year because of the amount of money she spends on them. For me I felt that in doing that it was taking away what Christmas is all about. A card to show you’re thinking of someone. Anyone can buy a gift but in not buying a card with a loving Christmas message you’re just turning it into the exact commercialisation of the festive period that everyone professes to loathe.  

I don’t know where we’ll be or what we’ll do next Christmas but I hope whatever we choose will bring that magic back for me. 


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