Book review Mistletoe and Mayhem by Catherine Ferguson 

  This was a really great book by a newly discovered author for me. I love the Rom-com/Chic-Lit genre and I have my staple favourites like Jill Mansell and Katie Fforde but Catherine Ferguson has just been added to that list. I’m really keen now to read some more of her writing. 

Mistletoe and mayhem is centred around the character of Lola. 27 years old she’s in a relationship with health freak Nathan and working as an admin assistant at a small company. Add a self centred controlling sister in law and an agoraphobic mother to the mix and it’s a (Christmas) recipe for disaster particularly when she agrees to host Christmas dinner for the whole family that year. The day seems to be saved when Nathan offers her the use of his (much bigger) place to play hostess. 

Things turn sour though when Lola goes to ask for a promotion and is made redundant instead and then to top it off Nathan breaks up with her. Faced with Christmas for the whole family on a budget and hosted in her tiny flat which she shares with her friend Barb Lola is at her wits end. 

With a little help from Barb and the two charming guys upstairs: Seb and Jasper this novel centres around Lola saving Christmas, choosing the perfect guy and saving her family. With jokes, fun and mishaps along the way this novel is the perfect Christmas pick me up and sure to get you in the mood for Christmas and romance! 

Highly recommended! 


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