First Day

Today was my first day at my new job. As well as finding out that it seems like a great place to work, that there are a lot of benefits and incentives I also took one very important fact away with me at the end of the day. How much I have grown as a person. It’s all down to one thing 

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Two years ago I was in a pretty bad place. Having split up with my boyfriend the year before I couldn’t get over our relationship. I felt like something, if not him then definitely something was missing from my life. I hated not only first days at work but everyday at work. I couldn’t face people I thought the sound of my own voice was boring and was convinced others thought the same. I was on anti depressants, sleeping tablets and anti anxiety medication. I saw a counsellor once a week. All I did was go out and get drunk so that I could get the confidence to speak to people. 

But now it’s a different story. In June 2013 I decided to get a hold of my life and try and change it for the better. I thought about the person I was when I’d had a few drinks, the person who was confident and funny and engaging. The person people wanted to interact with because I had fun irregardless of what people may or may not think about me. So I became that person all the time. I read a great book called Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers and I realised that what she says is right. What is the worst that could happen if we apply for that job/talk to the boy or girl/ ask for that pay rise. So I did it. I started off by signing up to do a degree with the Open University 

I got a job I actually enjoyed and I met my lovely partner. 

So today I started my new job and instead of sitting at the back and letting everyone speak and having so little self esteem as to presume people dislike me or are talking about me, I made the first move. I asked questions, I led debates, I introduced myself to my peers and built up a strong rapport. Two years ago I couldn’t have done that so I’m proud of where I am today. 


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