Writing challenge day 2 – write 250 words inspired by the colours of the room you are in 

So I wrote about the colours of my bedroom walls, we moved into a furnished property which we aren’t allowed to decorate which means it was indeed pretty difficult to match my colour scheme. I decided to describe my entire room in the piece as that’s just where the prompt took me. 

I’m going to try and keep the writing challenge updated as much as possible but it’s been a bit of a struggle since I started my new job today and the hours aren’t amazing during training. I might therefore miss a few days in between but I’ll do my best! 

The room was painted in calm tones of lilac and the orangey brown of old rust. Decorating must have been a nightmare trying to find soft furnishings which matched the strangely chosen colours of the walls. These done ok though, a pale pink bed cover the colour of the milky froth on top of a milkshake, pine furniture not quite IKEA but similar with white tops and a cushioned beige stool under the dressing take. The pictures were plain and simple a beige and gold canvas, a metal sign spelling out words and a black and white photo of a woman glancing back at a guard on a railway platform. The woman looked full of mystery as if she had a secret, as if maybe she was a spy. The usual clutter was scattered on the dresser, bottles of face cream, cans of deodorants and elaborate perfume bottles missing their caps. 2 soft grey Eeyore teddies perched clumsily atop a bookcase its shelves swollen with books. A fancy gift back with a picture of the Eiffel Tower on it, stuffed with pink tissue paper balanced precariously beneath a brightly coloured canvas depicting a street filled with pastel pink houses and powder blue cobbles. The centrepiece of the room which stole the show though was a glittering lampshade hanging in a circular shape it’s clear glass fragments reflecting rainbow colours which danced in the sunshine from the large window which dominated the back wall. From each clear glass segment hung another in a different colour. The colours of the rainbow. Red and yellow and pink and blue… 


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