Writing challenge day 29 – the night of your 21st birthday 

I’ve become a little dissolutioned with this challenge it hasn’t turned out quite the way I thought it would and I’ve had to skip a few pointless ones like Wednesday’s day 28 – a phrase or word you say a lot. So this one is Thursday’s arriving late… 
The night of my 21st birthday was like most people’s: disappointing. I tried to organise something amazing like a night out in another town or a spa day or something but as always it was nigh on impossible to get plans to suit everyone. So instead we went to our local and got drunk and ended up in town dancing and drinking the night away. 
I don’t remember much of the night except that it was around the time I stopped wanting to be around my friend Ellie* because I was beginning to realise she had slightly psychotic tendencies and issues I couldn’t deal with. 
I was happy that about 4 of my friends actually turned up because as a rule most usually let you down. I remember my outfit and how much I loved it and thought I looked great at the time but cringe to look back on it now. Most of all though this post is in memory of my friend Laura who died 2 years later of a heart attack when she was only in her early 30s. This was the last night out I had with her. 
As I can’t remember much I’ll pop some pictures on instead. Back when I had black hair as well! 
Referring back to my photos I’ve just realised I’ve described my 22nd birthday! Stupid! Don’t want to waste the writing though so that was my 22nd, my 21st was different entirely! It started with a family meal  


there’s 21 year old me with my mum, grandma and little sister. 
Me and my other sister then went to Essex for the weekend to see JLS who were my favourite boy band at the time 

   So I never actually had a 21st birthday night out! 


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