Book review – The Years of Loving You by Ella Harper 

  Picking up this book (or rather selecting it from my home page), the title ‘The Years Of Loving You’ gave it away that it was going to be a romance book (luckily one of my favourite genres). However it was not what I expected. This book centres around the two main characters Ed and Molly who met just before university. Despite having feelings for each other something always got in the way meaning they couldn’t be together. The story opens with Ed and Sam (Molly’s husband) chatting at Ed’s engagement party to the delectable Saskia. 
This novel is not like an ordinary romance novel. It juxtaposes between present day and the past exploring the relationships between many different characters but mainly focusing on the events which showed Ed and Molly how they felt about each other. As this goes on we find out that these are sort of extracts from the novel Ed is trying to write. The touch of something different though mainly comes through the authors delicate exploration of serious issues such as alcoholism and early onset Parkinson’s disease. 

It is a touching novel that really pulls at the heartstrings. It makes you feel irregardless of whether you are in a relationship or single that you want something just like Ed and Molly have. ‘Dirty romance’ maybe… 

I don’t really have any criticisms about the book other than that at points it seemed to overly use adjectives and adverbs but I think considering that one of the main characters was a prospective writer it was to be expected and it made it work. 

A very beautiful novel that makes you pause for thought and want to leave it a couple of days before you start something else. Not many novels manage that. 


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