Writing challenge – day 25 – four weird traits you have 

So this belongs to yesterday! I really need to get back on top of this challenge! 

I guess it’s hard to decipher what your own weird traits are. Like if someone asked me to name four weird traits my best friend or my mum or my boyfriend had I could answer pretty quickly but me? What constitutes as weird to myself? It’s a hard one but I’ll give it a go! 

1. Obsessively following things through to the end – I don’t know if this is applicable as ‘weird’ but I can’t give up on things once I get started. Two examples: when me and my boyfriend first moved in together we bought a coffee table which was flat pack. We didn’t have the right size screw driver and a lot of the fittings were screwed directly into the wood (as opposed to a pre made hole) we were at it for about an hour and a half not getting anywhere and slowly losing both our tempers. Eventually my boyfriend decided to give up and go to bed and advised me to do the same. Instead I sat there for four hours without moving and persevered until I’d finally built it on my own. Secondly on Friday I got a new wireless printer which turned out to be a nightmare to set up. My boyfriend told me to leave it until he got home as he works in IT so has a better idea of these things than me. But again although it was making my life a living hell I just couldn’t leave it alone and had to keep going! 

2. (This ones a contribution from my boyfriend) throwing things away when I’ve done using them. – what he means by this is that when we moved into our flat I wanted to throw all his old scraggy towels away because we’d bought some lovely new Egyptian cotton ones. Then when we bought new pillows I threw the old ones away. Personally I think I’m the normal one and he’s weird for wanting to keep things! He also keeps boxes that things he’s bought (like his bike helmet) come in, for an obsessively long period of time whereas I will just happily throw things like that away. 

3. On a similar theme to number two once a month I have a clear out – I go through all the drawers in the house and get rid of any unwanted or uneccesary paperwork, clothes that don’t fit or I don’t wear and shoes and accessories. I then sort out some bits to sell on eBay and the rest goes to charity or in the bin. 

4. Over organising myself – I set myself a humongous list of tasks to do in one day and then get angry when I fail to accomplish them all! 


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