Writing challenge day 24 – something you miss 

I’m a bit late posting this, I missed Thursday’s day 23 because the subject was a family member you dislike and I don’t have one! So I’m now 3 days behind Which means a lot of posting! 

So something I miss. I deliberated this for a while there are things I miss like keepsakes I’ve lost over the years, friends who have died and dogs who have died but I don’t think that would be applicable here. We have all lost and I wanted to look a bit deeper. 

What gave me the idea was a night out with friends in my hometown last night and it was so different from many times before. Before I got in a relationship we used to go there all the time. I know pretty much everyone in there and it was always a laugh. We always had a great time and I loved my life back then. 

But it was a different life, different to the one I have now. That was my single life and no it wasn’t about getting off with loads of guys but obviously the flirting and joking and meeting new people was a big part of it. Not only that but when we met up there were funny tinder stories to tell or dating disasters, guys we have special nicknames or had songs for. It’s what made the night what it was and being the new me in a relationship makes it hard to adjust to not having those things as part of my night out. 

So I spent the night instead noticing how superficial everything is. How the same people in the same over the top outfits get ready and go out to the same pub every Friday night to see just how many people they can pull before they end up in town in the strip club for late night drinking and crying into a kebab on the way home, alone or otherwise. 

It’s not to say for one minute that I regret getting into a relationship. I love my life and I love who I am now and how I’ve grown and developed as a person since getting into one. But I do feel sometimes that I miss who I was back then too. 


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