Writing challenge day 22 – your morning routine 

So I’ve ended up completely confused. I couldn’t remember if I posted my writing challenge on November 11th or not and it says 1 day ago but because it’s after midnight I’m unsure! So I’m posting day 22 now and then will probably post day 23 later today as well just in case! I’m home late tonight due to being at a gig (review to come tomorrow!) in Sheffield and having only just walked through my front door! 

So today’s (or possibly yesterday’s) challenge post is about my morning routine. It’s quite difficult now I’m not working because it’s so varied so I’m going to post both and say what my usual routine was when I was working and the one from this or rather yesterday morning as well. 

So when I was working here’s how it went: 

7:10am – alarm goes off and I snooze it for 10 minutes 

7:20am – get up and put my dressing gown on, go downstairs and make a cup of tea, get my lunch out of the fridge and text my boyfriend. 

7:25am drink tea while doing hair. Usual work day hair is a bun on the top of my head and just run the straighteners over my fringe. 

7:30am sometimes I’d put makeup on if I was up early enough. Just foundation, blusher, powder and eyeliner I don’t generally bother with mascara unless I’m going out. 

7:35am brush teeth etc. 

7:40am get dressed. General work wear usually involves a top with a shirt underneath and either trousers or a skirt with leggings. 

7:45am take the dog out for his morning wee 

7:55am pack bag with lunch, book etc and have a quick run round making sure I’ve turned everything off and tidy up a little bit. 

8:05am head downstairs and get my bike out of the shed 

8:10am set off cycling to work 

My routine now is a little bit more messy it completely depends on whether I have interviews that day and what time I need to get up or feel like getting up. Although, I am trying to get up early still in preparation of when I do get a new job. So the last morning I got up November 11th. 

7:20am decided I may as well get up as my boyfriend had disturbed me getting ready for work and I was wide awake. Laid in bed and replied to some emails and text my mum 

7:30am spoke to my mum who was in hospital and text my boyfriend a couple of times 

7:35am made a cup of tea and took the dog out 

7:40am came back and tidied up a little bit. 

7:50am I think I maybe wrote my blog post so I might actually be on track! I also spent some time looking for and applying for jobs and had some toast for breakfast 

8:30am went back to bed and slept until 10 


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