Give me some inspiration! 

I’m writing more than ever at the moment. Between my new work as a book reviewer, assignments for both my English and creative writing assignments, my novel and this blog I’m literally writing at some point of each hour every day. Yet it feels like I’m getting nowhere fast. My blog is finally starting to take off so thank you to all my wonderful followers and promotors. But it feels like that’s the only thing that’s going right! 

After disappointing marks in my first two assignments of the year I’ve been trying my best to work harder but where the words flew naturally onto the page before they’re now scuppered by the constant circling of tutor feedback in my head and everything I write I’m preempting with the criticism to come. I know learning something is all about learning from mistakes and pushing your own boundaries but it’s damn hard! 

On top of that is my constant hunt for a job. I should have heard back today from one of the companies but I’ve had nothing! I’ve got 3 more interviews next week and a possible start date for the end of the month with sky but a lot of valuable writing time is spent writing application forms and covering letters. Whilst I know they’re a necessary evil I just desperately want to get back to the creative side of me. 

My tutor and a friend of mine who is an author say that I should make sure I’m writing for me and not the ‘Reader’ but it’s hard when your writing for a mark not to write with the reader (my tutor) in mind. Exploring what he may or may not like to read about and what he may judge as poor is driving me insane! 

Back to my novel having completely binned about 6 chapters I’m now in the process of writing six new ones and reworking a lot of previous chapters in order to try and fit in the changes I’ve made to the beginning. 

Bah! Well that’s my rant over I guess I better get back to the creative drawing board! picture credit 


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