Writing challenge – day 21 your zodiac/horoscope and if you think it fits you 

I was born on the 5th July which means my zodiac sign is cancer. 

Cancer personality traits are easygoing, sympathetic and patient. But the next minute cranky and irritable. My boyfriend would definitely attest to these being traits of my personality. Like the flick of a switch I can be loving and kind one minute and then get the face on over the smallest thing the next. 

Retreating into our own emotional shell is another cancers an tactic which is very applicable for me. Emotional, sensitive and empathetic are again big traits of mine and why I work so well in customer service! 

Needing a lot of love and attention – 100% me. I do need reassurance that I’m loved and cared for. 

Having a hard shell – not so much me I tend to be soft inside and out! Giving people I love as much help and support as I can are applicable to me though! 

Intuitive and psychic with a good memory. I do have a good memory and I do pick up on the slightest changes in behaviour from those close to me. 

So yes the signs are definitely applicable to me! Fellow cancerians what do you think? 


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