Writing challenge day 19 – five fears you have 

I fear (see what I did there) that I may be a little predictable here. I think when we consider what what our biggest fears may be they tend to be consistent amongst all of us. 

Death – I think death is the largest fear that any of us may have. Our own deaths and also the deaths of those close to us. Friends and family members. The fear of losing those we rely on. To never speak to them or see them again. 

Work/Career or rather the lack of it. – ironic in my own situation being as it is but I think our work lives are in important to us and a genuine fear that we might lose everything like our homes, cars and personal possessions even our sense of self if we did not have our jobs and source of income. 

Heights – bit more standard really. I can’t stand heights. I don’t even like watching other people up high it makes me sweat and makes my toes and fingers tingle. 

Spiders – another common one. I’m generally not fond of bugs in general but spiders in particular are pretty scary things! Particularly with these new breeds which are enormous and bite! We saw one on outside our house a few weeks ago  

 getting old – not so much the act of getting older but the fear of the disease, forgetfulness, death. Inevitable but nevertheless very scary. 


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